Drakes Bay Family Farms Grass Fed Beef


Exceptional quality, Grass Fed cows, make our mouth-watering beef products an instant favorite for gourmet palettes.

The Lunny Ranch, that raises the cattle for Drakes Bay Family Farms, is situated in the heart of the Point Reyes National Seashore. The Pacific Ocean borders one side of the ranch and Drakes Estero borders the opposite side. This moist, marine environment provides for excellent pasture produc- tivity, giving our cattle plenty to eat.

On the ranch, we've been perfecting the art of raising Grass Fed grass finished cattle for years. Our work is driven by the convincing evidence that grass-feeding results in a healthier, more sustainable, and better tasting product.

We use some of the latest techniques available, allowing us to take the quality of our beef to the "next level". Ultrasound has become an important component of herd management at the Lunny Ranch. Ultrasound provides "inside" information that is invaluable to the grass finisher. Rib eye area, intramuscular fat %, back fat thickness, tenderness score and a stress score are all recorded for each calf. These traits are all highly heritable (except the stress score), making more rapid genetic gain possible. Most importantly, this information has been giving the Lunnys the information needed to project the likelihood that the individual animal will finish well on grass.

What it Means to Be Certified Grass Fed

Grass image

Drakes Bay Family Farms and the Lunny Ranch strive for sustainable practices through green standards.

The Lunny Ranch follows the Marin/Sonoma Counties Grass Fed Livestock Standards (website) to help preserve the environment through sustainable farming and awareness. The Livestock Standards Certification Program encourages sustainable agricultural and land management practices, and promote more natural animal management practices. First Certified Grass Fed in 2004, we believe that some standards are worth working for. We ensure our livestock has continuous and unconfined access to pasture from birth to harvest and that no certified animal receives any antibiotic treatment. Just some of the agreed requirements for Grass Fed certification.

Our environmental efforts keep going. Drakes Bay Family Farms maintains the first oyster farm and livestock operation to be Certified Salmon Safe by Salmon-Safe (website). The beautiful Lunny Ranch continues to maintain the only certified organic livestock in Marin County. Gourmet quality Certified Grass Fed and Certified Organic livestock comes from the Lunny family's commitment to sustainable farming.